Indigo Blue

Indigo Blue: A Re-imagining of the Pied Piper is a play written by Howard Craft for Walltown Children’s Theatre, a nonprofit serving Durham’s diverse community.



This adaptation/interpretation of the classic fairy tale takes place in the multi-cultural mythical city of Milele Baada Ya. It follows the journey of ten-year-old Mariposa as she struggles to find and free her younger brother who has, along with the other children of Milele Baada Ya, been kidnapped by Maestro Marvin The Magnifico, aka the Pied Piper. To aid her on her journey she enlists the help of Lavern the gossiping lamp post, Tarik the talking cookie turned professional wrestler and the incomparable genius, Floyd, a platinum turtle. Music, song, and dance are used to guide the audience through this magical land. Staying true to the lessons of the Pied Piper, the importance of integrity and the consequences of lying, this updated version goes a step further and teaches that even when one is confronted with situations or obstacles that seem insurmountable, with a strong belief in self and the support of like minds, even the impossible becomes possible.